Best glue for Rockwool bonding, Honeycomb to metal bonding for panels, safety fire doors 

Best glue for Rockwool

In the realm of industrial innovation, adhesive technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency, durability, and quality of various products. SUPEX 7221, a flexible polyurethane adhesive with exceptional bonding capabilities, is poised to revolutionize industries by replacing conventional adhesives. From manufacturing and construction to automotive and beyond, let’s explore how SUPEX 7221 is reshaping diverse sectors with its versatile applications.

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Best glue for Rockwool to metal bonding 

Rock wool sandwich board is a commonly used building material, with excellent thermal insulation performance and structural strength, widely used in industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage and other building fields. As the core components of the rock wool sandwich board, rockwool and steel plate need to be firmly combined by bonding technology during the manufacturing process.  The automatic spraying equipment will evenly spray the adhesive on the steel plate, ensuring that the adhesive distribution of each steel plate is uniform and the thickness is consistent.

In the production of rock wool sandwich board, bonding technology and quality control play an important role. Through reasonable selection of adhesives, accurate allocation of the proportion of adhesives, strict control of the thickness and uniformity of the coating adhesives in the production process, and strengthening the monitoring of the crimping process and curing process, we can ensure that there is a strong bonding force between the steel plate and the rock wool, and improve the quality and service life of the sandwich board.

Honeycomb to metal bonding 

Epoxy/ PU adhesives and film adhesives are used by aerospace, electronic, marine, defense companies in honeycomb panel construction. High performance systems attach top and bottom face skins to core materials in a variety of configurations/shapes/curves. proper surface preparation is essential in interfacial bonding of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, aramid, ABS, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene materials in honeycomb sandwiches. Bondline thickness control to minimize squeeze out and good wetting properties ensure excellent strength to weight ratios in sandwich joining applications.

Key consideration in selecting the most advantageous polymeric joining system include temperature exposure, acoustical absorption, moisture/humidity, heat transfer and outgassing requirements. Maximizing corrosion/wear protection, mechanical properties including shear, tensile, compression, creep, impact, fatigue and peel is pivotal in such applications. It is important to note that strength will vary depending upon density of core, toughness of adhesive, direction of peel, type of surface preparation, etc. Adhesive bonded honeycomb sandwich panels can be cost effectively assembled through controlled application techniques such as heat presses and provide manufacturers design flexibility to meet ever-changing requirements.

Supex 7221 Rockwool bonding Adhesive 
  • one part adhesive
  • quick drying 
  • easy to use, high strength
  • bonds rockwool, honeycomb,foam,metal, wood, plastics, FRP etc 
2 Part Supex 8104 composite panel adhesive
  • 2 part adhesive 
  • automatic application possible, no manual labour reqd. 
  • Lower cost adhesive 
  • high strength adhesive
  • bonds metal, plastics, wood, composite, frp, foam,


The widespread application of SUPEX 7221 adhesive across various industries is a testament to its transformative potential. From manufacturing to construction, furniture production to automotive assembly, and even packaging, this flexible polyurethane adhesive is redefining how industries approach bonding. Its versatility, quick curing time, and compatibility with diverse substrates make it a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional adhesives. As industries continue to seek innovative solutions that streamline processes and enhance product quality, SUPEX 7221 stands as a beacon of advancement, reshaping the landscape of industrial adhesion.