Eliminate fasteners for Name plate fixing

Name plate bonding  with Supex metal adhesive replaces traditional methods like fastening, rivetting or welding. In the world of industrial machinery, every component plays a crucial role, and even seemingly small elements like metal name plates or informative plates can have a significant impact. These plates, which bear essential information such as manufacturing date, batch number, and branding, often need a reliable adhesive to stay securely in place. This is where SUPEX BOND ALL, a groundbreaking MS Polymer technology sealant and adhesive, shines. In this blog, we’ll explore how SUPEX BOND ALL can be your go-to solution for bonding metal name plates and informative plates on large machinery, ensuring both durability and versatility.
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The Power of Metal Adhesive

SUPEX BOND ALL is not your typical adhesive; it’s a game-changer in the world of industrial bonding solutions. This MS Polymer technology-based sealant and adhesive offers a myriad of benefits that make it perfect for bonding metal name plates on large machinery.

  • Outstanding Adhesion: SUPEX BOND ALL is renowned for its exceptional adhesion capabilities. It bonds with various materials, including metals, plastics, and even glass, ensuring that your metal name plates stay firmly in place, regardless of the surface’s composition.
  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: Industrial machinery often operates in harsh conditions. SUPEX BOND ALL is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and moisture, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. This ensures that your metal name plates remain intact and legible throughout their lifespan.
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance: Large machinery is prone to vibrations and shocks during operation. SUPEX BOND ALL offers excellent shock-absorbing properties, preventing your name plates from loosening or falling off due to mechanical stress.
  • Chemical Resistance: When informative plates bear critical data such as manufacturing dates and batch numbers, it’s vital that this information remains unaltered. SUPEX BOND ALL’s resistance to various chemicals ensures that your plates stay in pristine condition, even when exposed to industrial solvents or cleaning agents.

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Name plate bonding with Supex metal adhesive

Applying SUPEX BOND ALL for bonding metal name plates or informative plates on large machinery is a straightforward process:

  1. Surface Preparation: Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are clean and free from dirt, oil, or dust. You may need to use a suitable solvent to remove any contaminants.
  2. Application: Apply SUPEX BOND ALL in a uniform bead or spot pattern to the back of the metal name plate or informative plate.
  3. Press into Place: Gently press the plate onto the desired location on the machinery. SUPEX BOND ALL offers a short open time, so you have some flexibility to adjust the positioning before it cures.
  4. Curing: Allow SUPEX BOND ALL to cure. The curing time can vary depending on environmental conditions, but generally, it forms a strong bond within hours.


Supex metal adhesive, provides a reliable and durable solution for bonding metal name plates, branding plates, or informative plates on large machinery. It offers exceptional adhesion, weather resistance, shock and vibration resistance, and chemical resistance, making it the ideal choice for industrial applications where maintaining vital information is paramount. By choosing SUPEX BOND ALL, you ensure that your metal plates remain securely attached, regardless of the challenges presented by the working environment, ultimately enhancing the longevity and functionality of your machinery.