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wood flooring adhesives

Types of wood Flooring adhesives & their uses for below mentioned popular applications, all are at best price in India

  • PVC tile to metal floor – buses, trains
  • PVC tile to regular home ( mosaic/ Italian) tiles.
  • wall paper to plastered walls
  • wooden / Parquet floors
Normally solvent based rubber adhesive is popular for such applications in India. However they have limitations. 1. Smell. 2. not safe for human or environment. 3. bonding not 100% reliable.
Supex offers unique solutions for such applications:

1. Water based rubber adhesive sprayable.

Used for bonding natural leather, canvas, suede, synthetic leather and cloth, foam. Milky white or yellowish dispersion. Excellent initial tack, good bonding strength.

2. SMX Polymer based Adhesive
High initial tack, waorks underwater, excellent primerless bonding for all construction material, solvent free- environment friendly.
3. 1K PUR Adhesive
D4 grade adhesive for wood bonding. Moisture cure, quick drying, permanent strength.

The task of wood flooring adhesives is to firmly bond the organic wood floor elements to the generally inorganic screed. The adhesive must hold the wood in place, connect it to the underlying screed and transfer stress originating from the natural expansion and contraction of the wood to the generally rigid screed. The undesired but natural movement of the wood can become visible in cupping, joint formation, or in extreme situations failure of the adhesive or screed.

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Our adhesive solutions make hardwood flooring installations faster, easier and smarter. From solid wooden floor adhesive to engineered wood adhesive, Supex technologies are designed to improve wear characteristics, acoustic properties and comfort. 
 As wood becomes ever more popular, we continue to introduce cutting-edge technologies to meet the demands of your flooring projects. From parquet panels to solid wood planks, Supex technologies are designed to improve durability, acoustic properties and comfort to enhance living spaces. 


Supex’s hardwood flooring solutions are suitable for all installations where wood flooring can be bonded. Whether you are working with solid or engineered wood, our adhesives offer a range of benefits to reduce risk and improve performance. For example: 

  • Engineering: mechanical features are engineered for superior adhesion, even on very wide wood planks.  
  • Flexibility: our adhesive systems provide tough, flexible bonds with a variety of subfloor substrates including concrete, plywood, and fiber cement sheets 
  • Elastomeric: elastomeric properties allow our adhesives to move with the wood as it expands and contracts over the life of the floor.  
  • Sound dampening properties: our wooden floor adhesive create a noise reduction barrier over the substrate, providing excellent sound reduction performance.  
  • Moisture resistance: moisture vapor protection prevents the cupping or buckling of hardwood planks 
  • Low VOC adhesive: a strong emphasis on formulating adhesives with benefits such as low VOCs, emissions and odour without compromising bond strength and long-term durability.
Replace solvent based rubber adhesive with environment friendly water based or SMX polymer technology
Article Name
Replace solvent based rubber adhesive with environment friendly water based or SMX polymer technology
Train / bus flooring- PVC tiles to metal floor bonding, rexine sheet to foam, foam to foam, leather to leather etc: Solvent based adhesives are used rampantly. Replace with Water based rubber adhesives or SMX polymer adhesives- solvent free, no fire/health/environment hazard, non smelly. Similar application cost. Bonds leather, rexine, metal, wood, concrete etc.