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Construction Sealant & Adhesives

Supex Construction Adhesive & sealants 

Construction adhesive is a general-purpose adhesive used for attaching drywall, tile, molding, and fixtures to walls, ceilings, and floors. Adhesion to a variety of substrates allows bonding of dissimilar materials if necessary. High cohesive strength is desirable. Flexibility improves peel strength by flexing with peel stress. High elastic modulus of substrate and adhesive resists stress at the bond line.

Construction applications

Adhesive / sealants are commonly used to fill cracks and openings and seal joints as well as provide a barrier to air, water, moisture, gas, noise, dust and smoke. The building and construction industry, thus, involves numerous applications for sealing compound. The key application areas are discussed below.

  • Sealants for Masonry
  • Sealants for Precast Concrete Panels and Slabs
  • Sealants for Joints Related to Curtain Walls
  • Roof Sealants
  • Sealants used for Structural Glazing
  • Window Glazing Sealants
  • Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary ware Sealants
  • Sealants for Civil Engineering Work

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End-Uses of Construction Adhesive & sealant 

The applications of bonding in construction and civil engineering are divided into 2 parts:

  • Decoration and inside applications – last up to 15 or 20 years. These applications include several jobs made on site.
  • Structural high performances applications and prefabricated parts – last up to 50 years.

Decoration and Inside Applications

  • Bonding of Wall-to-wall Carpets
  • Bonding of PVC Floor Coverings’
  • Rubber Floor Coverings and Rubber Bonding
  • Bonding Parquets and Other Wood Floors
  • Bonding Ceramic Tiles, Stones and Similar Coverings
  • Bonding Wall Covering and Wallpapers Inside
  • Bonding Gypsum Boards
  • Roofing Adhesives and Tapes
  • Plastic Pipes Joint Cements
  • Interiors Panels
  • Bonding Thermal and Sound Insulation Panels
  • Bonding Thermal Insulation on the Outside of the Walls

Structural Applications and Prefabricated Parts

  • Bonding of Concrete for Segmental Bridges
  • Concrete Parts in Civil Engineering
  • Reinforcement of concrete buildings and civil works
  • Bonding Wood for Laminated Beams Arches
  • Wood Reinforcements
  • Wood-based Structural Panels
  • Bonding Glass for Architectural or Structural Glazing
  • Insulated Glass (Double Glass Panels)
  • Bonding Metals
  • Bonding Exterior Decorative Panels
  • Fixing and Anchoring Steel Rods and Bolts in Concrete
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