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Glue Dispenser

Get glue dispenser at the best price . Manual, pneumatic, applicator Gun with German Technology.

Glue dispenser includes these three types of gun :-

Polyurethane foam spray gun :

  • Use the PU cleaner to spray at the tip of the dispensing nozzle
  • Screw the Pu cleaner can on the Pu gun and spray till the foam is flushed complelely.
  • If the foam has cured then only option left is to open the Pu gun and clean the parts after dipping in acetone. clean the nozzle with needle.

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Pu sealant gun : This manual gun is used to extrude ( dispense) sealants from sausages ( pouch, Aluminum foil). Typically silicone, Polyurethane sealants are packed in 550 / 600ml sausages.

Silicon sealant gun:

  • Ratchet rod: Sealant guns with ratchet rods (serrated rods that “catch” with each hand squeeze) are inexpensive and suitable for light projects. The biggest problem with ratchet rods is that the sealant keeps oozing out until you twist the end of the rod and pull it back to release pressure. This can make a mess and lead to wasted sealant.
  • Smooth rod: When you’re done applying sealant with a smooth rod sealant gun—often advertised as “dripless”—you need only depress a thumb lever to release pressure on the sealant.

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