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PU Foam sealant spray

Foam sealant spray is a versatile product for sealing, bonding, thermal/electrical/sound insulation. Foam sealant available from the manufacturer at best price in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur. Buy Foam sealant spray for gap filling, door frame gaps, insulation.

This category includes following products:

1.B3 Grade: Supex 100 Straw and Gun grade

This is used for various applications in construction and MRO industry for gap filling, waterproofing, heat insulation, electrical insulation etc.

2. B1 Grade: Anagha Foam FR Straw and Gun grade

Anagha foam FR pu foam sealant : It is a desired product in high demand since the advent of expandable polyurethane foam sealants . This particular grade of sealants boasts of being resistant to fire for up to 120 minutes. When you consider this time, you realize that these fire sealant foams are critical for applications in areas where there is a threat of exposure to heat and flames. Two common examples include kitchens in restaurants and residential apartments.

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