MS Hybrid Technology combines advantages of Silicone & Polyurethane sealants, also negates the disadvantages of existing adhesive technologies. Hybrid MS polymer is the best technology so far. UV resistant, Solvent-free, fast curing, high strength along with high elongation & flexibility.

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Supex HP 603UV MS Adhesive

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Supex 603 MS Polymer Adhesive body Sealant

MS Polymer Adhesive body sealant Supex 603UV,  is a one-component, high-performance sealant based on advanced MS Polymer technology. This sealant is free of solvent, silicone and isocyanate. Its features includes fast-drying speed and excellent UV, weather and temperature resistance. The adhesion on various substrates is excellent even without the use of primer, and the sealant is paintable with most types of common industrial paints.

Supex MS polymer adhesive is a gun-grade, one component sealant based on silane modified polymer, which cures by reaction with moisture to an elastic product. The skin formation and curing times are dependent on humidity and temperature, and the curing time also depends on joint depth. By increasing the temperature and moisture curing time can be reduced. Low temperature & low moisture retard the process. Supex 488 is free of solvents, isocyanates, silicones and PVC. It demonstrates good adhesion to many substrates and is compatible with suitable paint systems. The sealant also demonstrates good UV resistance and can therefore be used for interior and exterior applications.

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Technical Data 

Curing system :                                                      Moisture curing
Specific gravity :                                                   1.55 g/mL 
Tensile strength  :                                                 1.8 N/mm² 
Elongation :                                                            250% 
Shore A hardness:                                                55
Skin-Form Time :                                                15 -30 minutes


  • High strength and elastic
  • Fast drying
  • Paintable
  • Primerless bonding to most substrates
  • Isocyanate-free – No air bubbling
  • Solvent-free – No shrinkage

How to use Supex HP 603 UV MS polymer adhesive

1. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil or water.
2. Surfaces should be cleaned with alcohol, M.E.K. or other suitable solvent. Do not use soap or detergent.
3. For a neat finishing, apply masking tape and remove it before sealant skins over.
4. Cut the tip off and puncture the internal foil seal with the nozzle. Cut the nozzle at 45° angle to desired bead-width and apply the sealant to substrate with a cartridge          gun.
5. Tool the sealant within 15 minutes of extrusion before it skins. Tack-free in 30 minutes.
6. Uncured sealant can be cleaned up with mineral spirits.

COLOR: White, Beige, Black
PACKAGING: 290 mL/cartridge (20 cartridges/carton),  600 mL/sausage (20 sausages /carton)
SHELF LIFE:  9 months (cartridge), 12 months (sausages)
STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place with temperature. 

Advantages of MS polymer adhesive 

  • Bonds almost all substrates including sheet metal, aluminium, FRP, composite, concrete, glass, wood etc, except PP, LDPE, HDPE,  Telfon.
  • provides high strength, flexibility so very important in automobile  body fabrication. absorbs shock and vibrations
  • VOC free 
  • works on moist surface and underwater too
  • paintable 
  • faster production due to faster tack free time than PU sealants.
metal bonding metal bonding

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