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Supex-100 PU Foam Spray Sealant


Polyurethane expanding foam sealant used in Construction, Solar, Industrial maintenance, interiors, HVAC, Cold storage industries for various applications. Pu foam Spray is Electrically insulative, soundproof, waterproof.

Door frame installation, Gap sealing of door & windows

Conduit pipe and wire sealing for solar installations

The gap between wall & tray, electrical wire pipes

Sound insulation of walls etc.

Expanding PU foam spray sealant, Supex 100 gap filling PU foam spray is a high-yield, durable polyurethane foam used for mounting and filling applications.  Supex 100 gap filling  foam spray  also enables  heat  and  sound   insulation,  prevents energy loss. Frequently used for:

  • Construction: Door frame installation, window frame gaps, gap between AAC block and beam etc
  • Power plants: For sealing the gaps between cable and wires, gaps between electric panel outlet.
  • Solar Plants: For sealing the spaces between cable and wires.
  • Interiors: For gap filling purposes.
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Uses of Expanding foam spray

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TECHNICAL DATA of Expanding PU foam spray

  • Density :                 26 kg / m3
  • Colour:                    Champagne
  • Yield:                       40 litres / 750 ml
  • Tack-Free Time:    8-10 minutes
  • Cutting Time:         15-30 minutes
  • Full drying time:   12-24 hours
  • Fire Rating:            B3

BENEFITS OF gap filling PU foam sealant

  • Faster process , time saving
  • Reduction in Labour cost
  • Excellent aesthetics, no cracks developed with time
  • Additional strength provided to door frame, number of anchor fasteners can be reduced
  • highly efficient thermal insulation guaranteed
  • Efficient sealing at lower cost
  • ease of application
  • 100% electrical insulation and waterproofing
How do you remove expanding foam sealant?

Acetone is a solvent that dissolves uncured polyurethane foam and can be used to clean up foam before it cures. Acetone-based nail polish remover will also work to remove uncured foam

How do you remove excess insulation spray foam?

Use mechanical means to remove dried foam. Cut as much of it as possible from the surface with a utility knife, then scrape the area with a paint scraper. If it is safe for the finish, moisten the dried foam with acetone to loosen its bond on the substrate

Where should you not use expanding foam sealant?
When NOT to Use Spray Foam Insulation
  • For areas that are too close to electrical boxes
  • Open-cell spray foam on your roof
  • For closed-cavity spaces
  • If you have a history of skin, respiratory, or asthma problems
How to buy gap filling PUF Spray Can?

Kindly call / Whatsapp: 9699892782 to get best price, technical support, site demo, material.

Where Is expanding PU foam spray available in Bangalore / Hyderabad / Hosur / Mysore / Chennai/ Vizag/ Goa / Kerala ?

We have the distribution network that can reach most of the industrial/  construction hubs of India. Yes , Supex PU foam spray sealant is available in Bangalore / Hyderabad / Hosur / Mysore / Chennai/ Vizag/ Goa / Kerala or other placs in India. Kindly call or Whatsapp: 9833892782 for quick response, best price, onsite technical support. 


Packaging     750 ml x 12 per box
Colour: Foam Color: Pale Yellow
Shelf Life:  Store the product in a  cool and dry place. The shelf life is 12 months at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.

Health and Safety
For information on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, kindly  refer to the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet containing, physical, ecological, and toxicological and other safety related data.

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