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Automotive Adhesive & Sealants

Supex Seam sealant reduce weight & costs while improving reliability.

Automotive Adhesive | Polyurethane, MS sealants

Supex specializes in high end automotive adhesive which bond, seal, reduce noise & vibrations.

  • Easy to apply with simple tools
  • Should not dry in the container ( tube, cartridge, bucket) – avoid wastage
  • No special storage conditions.
  • Can be used multiple times, Eg: like a tooth paste.
  • Is not smelly or harmful for skin / eyes.
  • Sufficient shelf life – at least 6 months to 1 year.
  • Low cost
  • Consistency in quality – no batch to batch variation
  • Training by manufacturer about application procedure

Automotive adhesive & seam sealant

Some popular applications

  • Windscreen ( Glass to metal ) primer less bonding – MS/PU Adhesive
  • Window glass to metal sealing
  •  Welded joint sealing
  • Panel bonding
  • Floor bonding– PVC tile to metal or wood floor – with rubber adhesive

Greener adhesive and sealant solutions

Bus manufacturers have been looking more into environmentally friendly options for the interior and exterior designs of buses. Many manufacturers have started to use automotive sealants and adhesives.  We will look into modified silicone polymers which are commonly used as a green solution in the production of buses.

MS Polymers are sealants which consist of one component, making them easy to process. These glues do not consist of solvents or isocyanates that can be considered detrimental and their volatile organic compound is either zero or near zero. There has been a growing demand for MS polymers and they are mostly used in the sealing of buses’ body structures. Next to that they are also fairly often used to direct glaze buses.

Overview of Bus body Manufacturing

There are three basic types of bus manufacturer:
  • Chassis manufacturer – builds the underframe for body-on-frame construction
  • Body manufacturer – builds the coachwork for body-on-frame construction
  • Integral manufacturer – builds entire buses, often using no underframe at all
Manufacturers may also be a combination of the above, offering chassis only or integral buses, or offering bodywork only as used on integral buses. The splitting of body and chassis construction allows companies to specialise in two different fields. It also allows differing offerings of product to customers, who might prefer different chassis/body combinations. For the manufacturers, it lessens the exposure if one or the other goes out of business. Larger operators may also split orders between different body/chassis combinations for shorter delivery schedules. Sometimes, a chassis and body builder will offer an exclusive combination of one body on one chassis, as a ‘semi-integral’. This combines the expertise of the two companies, and saves the cost of making their chassis/body usable on different products. Silicone sealants at Best price in Karur | India

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How to reduce weight and noise at bus body manufacturing stage
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How to reduce weight and noise at bus body manufacturing stage
Replace welding, rivets, fasteners to join parts with adhesives. Sound dampening using advanced sealants.
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