This article discussed about how adhesive & sealants can solve critical bonding & sealing applications. 

Problems with conventional Wash Basin installation

ms polymer sealantWash basin installation onto the granite top is a cumbersome process without the right knowledge of adequate glue or sealant to be applied. In addition to knowing which sealant to use, it is also essential to know the right method of installation. 

Contractors generally use white cement/ putty to seal the edges between basin and granite due to insufficient knowledge of sealants . The ‘putty’ cracks with time and unbinds the basin. As a result, leakage from the edges.

Bond with the best adhesive

Supex  products are made for use in a wide range of different applications. The adhesive and sealants we recommend that you employ for this particular application has  high strength , bonds all surfaces, fast drying. One equal bead of granite adhesive applied in the washbasin seating areas on granite is sufficient to bond and seal the wash basin permanently. Additionally, its anti-fungal properties, the adhesive doesn’t tend to degrade on extended exposure to water.

What is MS polymer adhesive & sealant ?

MS Polymer Adhesive & Sealant is a highly elastic, high strength sealant and adhesive. Modified silicone polymers (MS Polymers) offer the best all round sealant and adhesive on the market, it excels where elastic construction joints are required. It is odourless, neutral and  isocyanate free.

How to use MS polymer adhesive and sealants

  • Firstly, clean the area to be sealed such that it is free from dust as well as loose particles 
  • Apply a uniform bead of Supex Bond All HT Adhesive on the seating area on Granite top 
  • Next, place the wash basin on the seating area
  • Due to its weight, the wash basin settles on its own into the granite and bonds with the top.
  • Finally, the basin is ready for service in 2-3 hours of bonding.


  • The sealant overall offers permanent bonding at minimal cost 
  • A simple process to use. 
  • Anti-fungal and anti-degrading properties of this granite adhesive . Further, these properties make it the right product to apply even so in bathrooms where the atmosphere is humid. 
Pictures of other applications.
metal bonding adhesive
Anagha Engineers Adhesives On Tiles
metal bonding adhesive

Additional Application areas- Bonds almost anything to anything

  • Elastic bonding of panels, profiles and other pieces on the most common surfaces (wood, MDF, chipboard, etc).
  • Bonds without primer on mostly all materials used in the construction and automotive industry including aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel, zinc, copper, natural stone, concrete, brick, HPL panels, treated wood, gypsum, glass, various synthetic materials, glass, mirror, etc.
  • Gluing of panels and elements in the interior and ceiling construction: wall cladding elements and ceiling panels (interior) as well as isolation panels (mineral wool, wood-wool cement & plastic foams, PUR, PIR, PS)
  • Wooden & plastic laths, ornaments, frames, doorsteps, window sills, skirting boards, roofing elements…
  • For purpose of bonding and sealing in high end extreme applications like marine, ship building, deck, plastic bonding, …
  • Gluing and fitting of safety glass in the banking industry and fitting of cable ducts, mitres in aluminium windows, mirrors etc.
  • Similarly, can be used for bonding materials in the automotive.
Bonding & Sealing ‘anything to anything’ with MS polymer sealant.
Article Name
Bonding & Sealing ‘anything to anything’ with MS polymer sealant.
MS sealant properties are chemically formulated to match the general requirements of a high-strength adhesive. they briefly are: High initial tack properties reduce the need for initial support. Fast curing, a quick build-up of end strength alongwith high sheer strength after full cure (no primer). Easy to apply and easy to tool and finish. Remains elastic after curing. No odor. Does not contain neither isocyanates, silicones nor solvents. Paintable with all water-based paints. Excellent color stability. Likewise, weather and UV resistance. Good adhesion on wet substrates, bonds underwater.
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