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Adhesive and Sealant

  • Interior and home improvement adhesives
  • Polyurethane foam spray sealants
  • Door & window sealants
  • Construction sealants and adhesives
  • Glass sealants
  • automotive adhesives
  • busbody adhesive and sealants
  • Industrial adhesives
mattress bonding

Mattress/ Leather/ Foam/ Rexine Bonding with Water Based Adhesive

Mattress adhesive plays an important role in the mattress and bed making industry. The glue is responsible for keeping the different layers of mattresses together by bonding materials that are under the cover. Mattress adhesive can be used for instance for toppers, pocket spring and sandwich mattresses as well as open and closed cell foam

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Name plate bonding

Eliminate fasteners for Name plate fixing Name plate bonding is a better method than fixing with fasteners. In the world of industrial machinery, every component plays a crucial role, and even seemingly small elements like metal name plates or informative plates can have a significant impact. These plates, which bear essential information such as manufacturing

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rockwool bonding

Rockwool Bonding, honeycomb sandwich panels

Rockwool bonding, Honeycomb to metal bonding for panels, safety fire doors  Honeycomb / Rockwool to metal bonding with S-7221 In the realm of industrial innovation, adhesive technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency, durability, and quality of various products. SUPEX 7221, a flexible polyurethane adhesive with exceptional bonding capabilities, is poised to revolutionize

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