Supex Anaerobic threadlockers 

Why are threadlockers required? Mechanical locking devices , Eg: split ring washers, nylon insert nuts, and serrated tooth washers are used to solve the common problem of loosening that happens in most threaded assemblies. However, the reality is that they don’t “lock” the assemblies and can’t maintain clamp load. These devices often loosen under vibration, thermal expansion, bending, and/or improper torque.

Threadlockers, or threadlocking adhesives, are the solution to this problem. Applied between two mating threads, these liquid threadlocker adhesives secure nuts, bolts, and threaded fasteners in place. They cure to form a strong bond that prevents loosening, ensuring assemblies retain clamp load over time.

Threaded fasteners, such as bolts and nuts, have a huge role to play in many industries. Their impressive clamp load means they are the ideal fastener for use across a wide range of manufacturing and maintenance applications. However, these types of assemblies can fail over time as they work themselves loose, thanks to vibration, bending, or thermal expansion.

Advantages of using Supex threadlockers

threadlockers are products you can trust for securing threaded fasteners in place. They offer versatility, affordability, and reliability in your assemblies.

Threadlocking compounds can effectively reduce the impact of costly failures, repairs, maintenance, and downtime. Applied to one or two threads before assembly, Threadlockers push the air between the threads out as the fastener is tightened. The anaerobic threadlocker material cures in the absence of air to form a strong, thermoset plastic that locks threads and joints in place.

Supex threadlockers can also lower the effect of corrosion in threaded components and help to prevent leaks in your assemblies. Applicable across both maintenance, repair, and operations and original equipment manufacturing. Supex threadlockers improve reliability, eliminate failure, and boost productivity in your operations.

1. For best results, the surface of the material to be bonded should be clean and free of grease.
2. To ensure fast and reliable curing, one bonding surface is coated with activator and the other surface is coated with glue. The parts
should be assembled immediately within 15 minutes.
3. It is recommended that the gap between the adhesive layer is 0.1mm. When the gap of the glue layer is too large (≤0.5mm) or fast
curing is required, an accelerator can be used. The components must be assembled quickly within one minute.
4. Excess adhesive can be removed with organic solvents.
5. The bonded parts should be fixed until the adhesive is initially set.
6. After the adhesive has reached full strength, it can bear the load (full curing time is between 24 and 72 hours)



12 months in unopened packages in a cool and dry storage place at temperatures between +5 oC and 27 oC, humidity between 30% and 70%. Optimal storage is at the lower half of this temperature and humidity range. To prevent contamination of unused product, do not return any material to its original container
50mL, 250mL, 1000mL. Different packages are available
Colour: Amber 
Keep out of reach of children. Before operation, please carefully read the specifications of products and material, and instructions on the package of container. For more information
about safety, please refer to the MSDS


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