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Supex PU 40 Polyurethane Sealant

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Supex PU 40 is a versatile Polyurethane Adhesive & Sealant. It is used for bonding & sealing operations in the Industrial manufacturing and construction industry.

Bonding metal to metal, FRP, Wood, glass etc used in Bus bodybuilding, Elevators, HVAC, train coaches. Also used for bonding/sealing, sound deadening spot welded seam joints.

Construction joint sealing like expansion joints, transition joints, roof sealing, crack sealing on external/ internal walls.

Supex PU 40 Polyurethane metal sealant

Polyurethane metal sealant Supex PU 40 is an organic material used for sealing and bonding. Its properties like resilience, flexibility, bond strength, UV resistance, hardness etc can be modified as per application requirements.


Used in joints between prefabricated building elements, in joints of rainwater collection pipes on roofs and in rain gutters, insulating joints between precast concrete blocks and sealing of joints of aluminum pipes in HVAC (ventilation) sector.


Especially used in automotive industry, in the manufacture of vehicles, in the sealing of metal structures such as containers and trucks, in the manufacture and installation of air conditioning in HVAC systems, in order to reduce vibration and provide sealing in metal sheet joints.

Supex PU 40 polyurethane metal sealant, developed for India, is a high-quality multipurpose non-sag one-part Polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer. Supex PU 40 has been especially developed for Indian subtropical conditions. Most suitable in high temperature & extreme humid conditions. Usage mostly in Bonding & sealing for Bus Body, Rail Coaches, expansion joint sealing and other automotive / construction applications.

Technical Data 

  •                Chemical Base:                                                             Polyurethane
  •                Curing Mechanism:                                        Atmospheric Moisture
  •              Specific gravity(DIN 53479)                         1,3 ± 0,03 g/cm3
  •               Tack free time:                                                      30-60 min.
  •                Cure Rate                                                                2 mm/24 hour
  •               Hardness (ASTM D 53505):                         40±5 Shore A
  •               Elongation at Break(DIN 53504):             ≥ 300%
  •                Modulus 100 % (DIN 53504):                       >0,4 Mpa
  •               Tensile Strength:                                            1.2  N/mm2

Features & benefits of Supex PU 40 polyurethane metal sealant

  • Reacts with moisture to cure
  • Characteristics: High gap filling , High Bonding strength , Flexibility , Chemical Resistance , Paintable
  • Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates
  • Overpaintable and has non sag consistency
  • Suitable for making permanent elastic seals of high adhesive strength
  • Vibration and sound dampening properties
  • Excellent resistance to many chemicals
  • Developed specifically for automotive and bus industry, bodywork & container applications
  • Good resistance to ageing & weathering – thus, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Sandable & over-paintable with many water, solvent based paints
Typical Automotive applications  with PU metal sealant adhesivepolyurethane sealant uses
  • Roof sealing, roof bottom sealing for mica bonding
  • Roof gap sealing
  • Side panel 
  • Floor bonding with plywood
  • Dash board bonding
  • Plywood bonding in Driver’s cabin
  • Rear FRP & FRP bumper, front FRP 
  • Battery box sealing
  • FRP staircase sealing 
  • Skirt panel bonding
  • Gaps between window frames
  • Plywood to steel structure 
  • ABS to frame 

PU 40 is used in Elevator, Escalator  metal to metal bonding applications, Eg:  panel stiffner bonding.

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What is PU 40 metal sealant used for?

  • Sealing & Bonding in automotive industry
  •  General coach-building, caravans & motor-homes assembly as well as repairing
  •  Bus Body & truck industries
  •  Thermal & acoustic insulation technology in refrigeration, air-conditioning
  •  Suitable substrate materials include timber, metals, particularly aluminium, sheet steel, metal primers, paint coatings, ceramic materials as well as plastics
  •  Joint sealing for construction applications, Eg: expansion joints

How to use PU metal sealant

  • Before application, make sure that the surface is free from dust and grease. This will otherwise inhibit the process of application of the sealant.
  • We recommend that you conduct a preliminary compatibility test before proceeding to use the sealant for its desired purpose.
  • Apply the sealant evenly. If required, use masking tape to mark the areas of application. Before it cures, make sure to remove the tape.
  • The ratio of the joint width to the depth ratio should be 2:1.
  • Further, it is recommended to use a backup material if you feel like joint adjustment is required.
  • You may use backer rods and bond breakers to facilitate the adhesion. It should adhere only to two surfaces of the joint.
  • Take care to follow the standard industrial application procedures. Clean the fun after use before giving the sealant time to cure.

Metal to Metal Bonding & Sealing 

Supex PU 40 polyurethane sealant, is a one-component, high-modulus polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity. It possesses excellent adhesion to sheet iron, aluminum, stainless steel, lead, copper, ceramic, glass, wood and various plastic materials. 

  • Body construction of cars, containers, caravans etc.
  • Sealing and bonding of ventilation ducts, gutters and spouts etc.
  • Sealing of sheet metal seams
  • For vibration reduction in all type of sheet metal assembly works
  • Sealing against water, air, gas and dust.
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