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Acrylic Sealant

What is Acrylic waterproof Window Sealant?

Acrylic waterproof window sealant is a sealing material, mainly obtained from water-based acrylic resins. It is not suitable for use in locations subject to direct water exposure. As it is a paintable material, acrylic sealant is an ideal material for interior and exterior decoration. It cures after drying. It is an environmentally friendly material. It provides protection from dust and pests from various surface cavities.

Where is Acrylic waterproof window Sealant Applied?

Since it is resistant to moisture, low or high temperature, it can be applied to different materials both indoors and outdoors.

Generally, it is used in construction, covering all kinds of cracks and gaps, expansion joints between prefabricated building elements, and assembly of wood, PVC, iron and aluminum joinery, plastering of joinery, sealing of  joints, combination of eternit, aluminum roof and facade cladding plates.

 What properties this sealant has?

  • Good fluidity in a wide temperature range, strong adhesion, good elasticity and good weather resistance once cured
  • Because acrylic sealant contains methacrylic monomer, acrylate copolymer, benzoin propyl ether, α-methylstyrene oligomer and activator, etc.
  • Non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable and volatile
  • Variety, environmental friendly, low VOC
    The water-based environmentally friendly formula system of acrylic water-based sealant ensures ultra-low VOC emissions which can be used in a large number of indoor environments that require caulking and sealing but also require low VOC emissions
  • Fast cure and cheap price
  • Good air permeability
    Using acrylic emulsion as the base material of the colloid, the colloid has dense capillary pores, so that the colloid has good air permeability and ensures the dryness and cleanness of the seal
  • Paintable
  • Good adhesion and waterproof
  • Poor acid and alkali resistance
  • Easy to use and clean

Benefits of Supex 500  Sealant 

  • Chemically neutral & Odorless
  • possibility of painting and grinding after curing
  • possibility of applying multiple layers after curing
  • exterior and interior applications

Benefits of Supex-501 Exterior Paintable Sealant

  • it is odorless and chemically neutral.
  • Possibility of painting as well as grinding after curing.
  • possibility of applying multiple layers after curing
  • exterior as well as  interior applications.

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