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Cold Storage Insulation- What is the purpose of Cold Storage Rooms.

A refrigerating chamber is a warehouse in which a specific temperature is artificially generated. It is generally designed for storing products in an environment below the outside temperature. Products that need refrigeration include fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, flowers.

You may have heard about cold rooms but have you ever wondered what makes up a cold room and how it operates? A cold room, as the name implies, is a distinct kind of room where very low temperature is maintained at all times. This special type of room is able to keep its temperature with the help of precision instruments and other similar machines.

With the advanced technology that we have today, it is not surprising that cold room facilities are continuously built and improved upon. They not only have a great impact on our daily lives but they also play a big role in the unstable game of supply and demand, in terms of perishable goods.

What are cold room or cold storage facilities for?

Although there are other industries that make use of cold rooms, the food industry is the first on the list of sectors in need of these special facilities. These cold storage facilities are commonly built to store perishable goods for a period of time.

Due to the increasing demand in food supply, the production of perishable goods such as fruit and vegetables continues to rise. In order to preserve these types of goods, they need to be placed in cold storage facilities to make sure that they do not spoil.

Cold Room Insulation 

Some of the common areas where adhesive & cold storage sealants find usage in cold room applications are:

  • Panel manufacturing- PUF to GI Sheet bonding, 1K PUR  
  • Honeycomb to metal sheet-  bonding :Supex 7221
  • Sealing gaps between panels – PU sealant
  • Filling gap betwwen wall and panels, PUF sealant 
  • General sealing, Neutral or GP Silicone 
  • Duct sealing, Supex 500
  • Expansion joint sealing, MS sealants 
  • Food grade sealants, FDA approved.

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Cold Storage Insulation and Sealing
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Cold Storage Insulation and Sealing
How to maintain the temperature effectively and efficiently. Ensure no heat loss and minimal cost by proper insulation with adhesive and sealants.
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